Truck Axle Correction

Truck Axle Correction

Bee Line is a pioneer in axle correction equipment, and our exclusive equipment is a must for the truck repair facility that wants to perform complete truck alignment service.

Most passenger cars and light trucks have adjustments or aftermarket kits to adjust camber and caster to preferred specifications vs. OEM tolerances, so it only makes sense to set a heavy-duty truck to preferred specifications for optimized performance. The Bee Line floating beam system and correction tooling allow the operator to fine-tune the axles to these specs.

Axle Correction

Front Axle Tools

By making cold bends, our tools enable you to make precise camber and caster corrections on any size axle without removing them from the vehicle.

Rear Axle Tools

Axle Strap Technology

The innovative, durable camber correction tooling that makes up the new Tool Group 407 delivers maximum strength, versatility, and flexibility while elimination unnecessary heavy lifting and disassembly when performing camber corrections on heavy-duty tractors

Axle Correction Demo