Wheel End Tools

Disc Brake Hub Handler

Until now there's been no fast, safe way to remove disc brake hubs, and seal damage was hard to avoid. The new K-1380 Disc Brake Hub Handler changes that.

The K-1380 improves safety by eliminating awkward, heavy lifting. Plus, it eases all hub maintenance procedures – rotor, seal and bearing replacement and cleaning.

The Hub Handler locks into the hub's height and camber before pulling it off the spindle. After servicing, roll the hub straight back on with no damage to the seals and no heavy lifting!


  • Prevents back injuries and improves safety
  • Replace rotor, seals and bearings with no heavy lifting
  • Works on disc brake hubs for semis, school buses and other transit vehicles
  • Compact design: 2' x 1.5' x 3'
  • Pivot-to-floor design makes laying the tool and hub down for service easy
  • Removable drip pan
  • Speed nuts for quickly locking the tool to the hub