Additional Capabilities

Even More to Offer!

I-Beam Frame System - Trailers

Designed for trailer frame repair and occasional truck frame repair. The use of in-floor beams allows easy positioning of the damaged vehicle for corrections.

Now shops can enjoy the benefits of Bee Line quality tools and accessories even if they plan to design their own I-Beam type floor installation, or already have an existing installation.

The Bee Line TR110 tool set is designed to use I-Beams that are mounted securely in the floor. Nothing is permanently mounted above floor level. The tools mount directly to the I-Beams, which are used as the base for all pulls, pushes and tie-downs when making corrections on frames with twists, side sway, horizontal and vertical bends, sags and diamond damage.

Bee Line Power Tower - Cab Corrections

The Bee Line Power Tower is a totally portable, self-contained system that performs cab corrections on heavy duty trucks with the vehicle on the floor. “Self-contained” means the tower pulls cabs while brac-ing against the vehicle’s frame or axle. Bracing the Power Tower to the frame eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome floor tie downs.

The extremely strong and rigid tower can make 10-ton pulls up to seven feet above the floor, and 5-ton pulls above seven feet. The Power Tower will also assist your shop in making corrections on dump bodies and enclosed trailers. This stand-alone work-horse combines the precision, power and versatility to accommodate all of your correction needs.

Make Pulls from Any Angle

Make pulls from a variety of directions with the Power Tower’s unique design. The interchangeable Axle Knee and Frame Knee ensure a safe and sturdy foundation for every pull. A Low Axle Knee is included for drop down axles. An adjustable chain ring allows additional bracing to the vehicle frame for “off-center” pulls.

Dump Body Tools

TR Tool Groups for Cage, Frame & Dump Body Repair

The Bee Line Dump Body Tool Set offers the frame shop the opportunity to keep work in-house rather than send out to another repair shop. This tool set supplies the necessary tools to reshape damaged dump bodies utilizing Bee Line’s tested and proven rams and extensions. The operation is fast, safe and easy.