Frame Press Accessories

Frame Press Accessories

Bee Line products give you the total frame and alignment system to meet today’s correction requirements and give you the profit edge.

Optional equipment can be included in the system you buy or added as you need them. Bee Line Engineering has designed optional tools and related equipment to do absolutely anything you would need for performing complete chassis and total suspension corrections.

Total Frame and Alignment System

10 and 20 Ton C Clamps

PN109050 10 Ton C Clamps
PN403450 20 Ton C Clamps

Make corrections to every buckle and kink on the frame’s flanges and web. Requires a FR10 RAM or FR20 RAM respectively. C Clamps correct the radius of a frame. Interchangeable C Clamp tooling heads allow it to correct the smallest imperfection.

Part No. 1680 Side Sway Cradle Assembly

Make your frame jobs easier with the Bee Line 1680 cradle assembly, which includes the following equipment: 1662 Lower Cradle, 1682 Upper Housing Cradle and 1658 Housing Ram Adapter – 10 ton. The purpose of the cradleis to allow the front tandems to float freely during a side sway correction for increased accuracy. Note: 10 ton ram(FR10) is optional.

Part No. 403284A Rail Pulling Tool

The Bee Line Rail Pulling Tool has been designed to conveniently fit easily into tight work areas, making your job easier.

Part No. 927B Extended Knee

Used to extend the height of a knee to gain better leverage
in a pull. Can be used on a truck frame or trailer.

Part No. 1420 Flange Finishing Tool

The 1420 Flange Finisher utilizes the force of the 10 ton ram to easily finish beams up to 1/2” thick.

Part No. 1680 Side Sway Cradle Assembly

Modify your frame press with the cross roller pull assem-bly. This assembly reduces the weight of the cross roller from 96 lbs. to 15 lbs. while also decreasing the size. It can be used directly with any Bee Line frame press tooling. 403076 is required for pushes.

Part No. 403034 Aluminum Knee Protector

An aluminum knee topped with a knee protector ensures flush contact with the frame rail.

Part No. 403112 Trailer Twisting Tool Assembly

The rear of the trailer is anchored and blocked or a vertical knee is used to assist in the removal of twist from damaged trailers using a long 20 ton push ram. The ram is safely locked into position both at the top and bottom. A twist in a long tractor frame can also be corrected using these tools. The entire assembly can be ordered for in-floor systems – PN 403112F.

Aluminum Tooling

As Strong as Steel, but Half the Weight – Our Frame Press Aluminum Tooling is as strong as steel and much lighter, helping avoid physical strain and saving your employees time in assembly. Whether you are working on diamond damage, side sway, sag or twist, the rugged Bee Line Aluminum Tooling performs any type of major frame correction easily without the use of heat, thus maintaining the original strength of the frame.