Frame Press Tool Groups

Frame Press Tool Groups

With more than 90 years of experience in the alignment and frame correction industry, Bee Line knows how to do the job right. Straightening truck frames is demanding work. Long-lasting, hard-working Bee Line tools deliver the performance you demand.

Available Groups

40B & 40BL Product Components

Steel (40B) and Aluminum (40BL) Truck & Trailer Frame Tools. Corrects all four conditions on a frame press.

403112 and 49 Product Components & Illustrations

For use with drive-on and portable frame press. Trailer Twisting Tools use a long 20 ton push ram, which is safely locked into position both at the top and bottom. The rear of the trailer is anchored and blocked or a vertical knee is used to assist in the removal of twist from damaged trailers.

Tool Group 49 - Truck Gauges

Quickly pin-point damage on any truck or trailer frame. The self-centering frame gauge extensions transfer the centerline sight rods to the outside of the vehicle for easier viewing. These gauges accurately indicate side sway, twist, sag, and diamond.

TR100 Product Components & Illustrations

In-floor. Basic truck & trailer sag tool for I-Beam.

TR200 Product Components & Illustrations

Complete Dump Body correction tool set.

See Pages 23-30 of our PDF for a complete breakdown of all TR tool groups.