HD Powersmoke

keeps trucks on the road.

The HD Powersmoke replicates a high pressure boost load so the entire system can be tested for faults with the engine safety off. It is the only diagnostic machine in the heavy duty market that can reliably detect any high pressure leak, pinpoint its exact location and precisely identify dialing components in a single 10-minute procedure. The HD Powersmoke saves heavy duty truck operators and fleets valuable time and keeps trucks on the road.

The HD Powersmoke Quickly Detects the following:

  • The root cause of excessive DPF regeneration events
  • Turbo/boost leaks
  • Charge air cooler leaks
  • Exhaust system leaks
  • Wind and water leaks
  • Cabin leaks
  • Intake system leaks
  • Seals, gasket, hoses, fittings, etc.
  • The cause of dangerous fumes inside the cabin